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TV series

This new documentary series will acquaint us with the stories of typical Czech and Moravian food. The basic Czech food and its processors will become a ‘celebrity’. The authors decided to combine the presentation of and admiration for Czech and Moravian food with respect for basic ingredients, with humility and love for animals. The series bows to the skilful and masterful work of manufacturers in many places. Last but not least, we will see admiration for the Czech landscape and respect for the environment. Vladislav Beneš is our guide through the new episodes.

Screenplay: Petr Smazal, Milada Těšitelová, Adéla Kabelková
Director: Jan Těšitel, Víťa Procházka
Producer: Vítězslav Jandák ml.
Actors: Ladislav Frej st. (mod.), Pavel Soukup (mod.), Vladislav Beneš