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Czech, 2016, 26 min


TV show / Family

Fly through space with us and look at places an ordinary Earthling can’t just get to… The theme of the new show is not only an engaging knowledge of the universe, its physics, beauty and inspiration, but above all fun. The magazine will focus on a wide range of topics in each episode, so that the resulting information mosaic will bring viewers not only lessons, but above all an experience to anchor their newly acquired information to. Although the theme of space conquest is as modern in nature as possible, the magazine will also cover historical excursions to add the awareness of the continuity of the cognitive process and that ‘story of man in space’.

Screenplay: Sandra Fialová
Director: Radek Habada
Producent: Vítězslav Jandák ml.
Actors: Jindřich Žampa (mod.), Matěj Vlček (mod.), Vladimíra Havlíčková (mod.), Ondřej Neff