Five from the Garage

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Czech, 2019, 14 min


TV show / Family / Music / Fun / Educational

An entertaining and educational series about a group of children who form a band in a rehearsal room of singer Albert Černý as part of a school project… The group of children signed up for a school project to write and play their own composition in front of classmates at the school festival. They are lucky that Albert Černý from the already famous band Lake Malawi is a graduate of their school. He let’s them use a garage in which there is a rehearsal room and helps them orient themselves in the world of music. Not all members have a relationship to music, so they find different pros.

Screenplay: : Milada Mašinová, Petr Koubek
Director: Víťa Procházka
Producer: Vítězslav Jandák ml.
Actors: Albert Černý, Xindl X, Yemi Akinyemi, Leoš Mareš, Debbi, Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý, Emma Smetana, Radek Banga, Tereza Mašková