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Czech, 2020, 2x83 min


TV movie
Drama / Biographical

The two-part historical film deals with the most dramatic period in the life of Colonel Emanuel Moravec – a patriot who became a symbol of Czech collaboration with the Nazis. Emanuel Moravec (1893–1945) was one of the most controversial figures in modern national history. He gained attention as a leading Czech politician and professional soldier, war theorist and acclaimed publicist. A zealous patriot, he fought in the Czechoslovak Legion. The first part of the television film captures Moravec at the end of the period of the First Republic, when he espouses the ideals of President TG Masaryk. He belongs to the narrowest circle around President Beneš. He advocates armed resistance against Nazi Germany. The Munich Agreement is such a disappointment for him that he begins to openly criticize Beneš’s government. Moravec loses his current strong economic position due to his radical attitudes. The collapse of his life concept is difficult for him – and then the offer of cooperation with the German occupiers appears. The second part of the story describes Moravec after the collapse of his life concept, after he accepted an offer of collaborating with the German occupiers. The former zealous patriot is now clinging to new ideals. He becomes one of the most zealous representatives of the Czech collaboration with the Nazi occupation regime. He promotes Hitler’s politics and the ideology of fascism creatively and devotedly. Only gradually, in his blindness, does he realize where his ambitions and desire for power have led him. The two-part television film is based on the screenplay of the experienced author-duo Lucie and Josef Konáš, directed by Biser A. Arichtev. The project was co-produced by Czech Television (Alena Müllerová’s TPS) and Rolling Media. The producer is Vítězslav Jandák Jr. – the son of the popular actor Vítězslav Jandák, who played a small role in the film. Starring the Slovak actor Marián Labuda Jr., who physically corresponds to his historical model – Emanuel Moravec. The film features other well-known actors: Ondřej Vetchý takes on the role of the hero’s morally uncompromising friend from the Legion, Ondřej Malý plays the part of his friend, editor of Lidové Noviny, R. Poláková plays the hero’s wife, and talented Dana Droppová playes his young mistress Jolana. Viktor Preiss excels in the role of President Beneš, while Milan Kňažko plays the part of President Hácha.

Screenplay: Lucie Konášová, Josef Konáš
Director: Biser A. Arichtev
Producer: Vítězslav Jandák ml.
Starring: Marián Labuda ml., André Hennicke, Viktor Preiss, Dana Droppová, Jiří Vyorálek, Vladimír Polívka, Ondřej Vetchý, Vítězslav Jandák, Ondřej Malý, Pavel Kříž, Milan Kňažko, Detlef Bothe, Oskar Hes, Filip Březina, Rebeka Poláková, Karel Hábl, Jan Novotný, Pavel Soukup, Antonín Procházka, Kristián Černík, Aneta Kernová

Emanuel Moravec - film